1. Jack smoked some Purple Jack with the High Times Crew top corner suite at Hilton in San Fransisco 2002 NORML Conference April 20th. My wife spoke at 4:20pm for medical and education. We were invited to the after smoke session and I was so grateful to be in Jack's presence before he passed. Great news and education here, keep it up.

  2. It needs to be legalized because it's violating the 14th amendment…. How can it be legal even for drug companies… And not everyone???? Equal rights means if it is legal to even one person… It's legal to all… Are we the United States or are we seperate????.. And is it a crime to smoke or sell???? What crime have they actually committed??? Besides doing something you said no too…. That sounds a bit like slavery!!!!!!!

  3. For you Amazon shoppers out there that are unaware, if you use "smile . amazon . com" it will donate to a charity of your choice with every purchase and you can select Marijuana Policy Project as your charity of choice.

  4. Not only are we still pressured by our federal government not to consume marijuana, in legal states you still can end up jobless because company's and their higher ups believe in a "drug-free" workplace. I wish I could do something in my state to help and make a difference. Not to mention why marijuana isn't covered by health insurance or aid of anykind, yet my mother can continue to take her fully covered narcotics funded by our truly flawed government.
    Seriously I'll contact any pro cannabis news publications and share my story…..

  5. Illinois shows like this make me laugh, because of the similarities/differences that I see here in NY. Sadly, all cannibis grown and processed is done wrong, and does not use THCA testing guidelines or eons of farm-growth knowledge. Another 50 years of growth/knowledge and cannibis will be where it started (or ended) in the 30's.

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