1. I just discovered your channel today and came across this video. My heart sank when your mom walked out of the post office empty handed. SO! I’m going shopping tomorrow and mailing you something fun! You are so beautiful on the inside and out, and are most definitely a special little lady. Keep going with your strength and wisdom. You brightened my day today! P.S. I wish I had a mom like yours!! ♥️♥️

  2. Have you ever needed to call 911 for a seizure? I saw a you tube about a 6 year old girl that had severe seizures and she ended up having a hemispherectomy where they removed the half of her brain that was causing the seizures. She suffered very little bad effects and is seizure free now. I thought of you because you are so young and maybe you could have that done or they can go in and eradicate the part of the brain that's causing your seizures. I have asked you before but I know you get a lot of comments. Take care!

  3. I have a friend who started having Grand Mal seizures when she got pregnant. Never had them before that. and they've calmed down significantly recently with Dr's adjustments to her meds. If you have any questions, ask me @ danyzuko@gmail.com so I won't miss your response

  4. I've always thought it's funny how people like to park their car next to someone with a similar car to theirs. Maybe not all but that's happened to me as well. It's always hilarious when I have my mother along cuz she always walks up the wrong car. Sometimes she'll open the door. Lol

  5. So strong, honestly! Having to go through this everyday and still the happiest girl smiling, I have vertigo fits quite a lot so I can kind of relate, they always leave me feeling so sick x

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