1. LMC,if I step outta line,here I appolajise in advance….here goes…In My honest opinion,People like these who claim to be Bible thumping Republican Conservatives,are nothing but Racists,Communists. Then they say Democrats will destroy America!!!!
    The Dems didn't create this so called War on Drugs, and all the Unconstitutional folly derived from it,Brother.
    No Knock Warrants,killing People in the middle of the night. High Speed Chases killing innocent Family's to catch a stoner. Federal Funding to allow the purchase of Tactical Weapons from the Industrial War Complex. SWAT teams to response to a depressed suicidal cat in a tree.(pun intended), Brand New B Proof Vehicles, Vests,Helmets,New SUV's,New Dodge Chargers,and new tires freshly washed and plenty of gas everytime You see Them. Just to inflict all the damages They can every single time They clock in on the job. Transformed from Peace Officers to Neo Narco Drug Nazis,even have Thier own Drug Czar!!!
    Not One thread of it, Constitutional!!!!
    I'm no Lawyer,but this sums up My perspective!!!
    While I'm rattling off,You accuse Democrats of dragging America into Socialism,WHO,INVENTED THE DRUG CZAR???!!!!!! REPUBLICANS,RED PARTY. COMMUNISTOS!!!! SPYING ON OUR LIVES, THROUGH OUR CELL PHONES,NO MORE!!!!!
    END IT ALL!!!

  2. Graham, another Conservative disappointment. Same in Texas same thing in other States through out the South. Sounds like Texas Governor needs some thc on His flipping brain n He couldn't even talk about it appropriately!!!! It's not only Communities if Color that's affected by Unconstitutional Policies and Policing,crap look at My Record,they owe Me a freaking ounce,3 y are worth of Probation fees,labeled a Marijuana addict,made it hard as he!! To find decent work!!!
    LMC,I wish You and I could drag People like Graham to California l, Nevada or other Legal State and hold Thier nose to some Jack Herer until Thier noses bleed!!!
    I'm glad to be Back !!! Glad to be here…
    Blessed to have You delivering the Cannabis News. Guess I'd rather hear it from You than read Marijuana Moment,LOL!!!
    Keep Up The Wonderful Work,Thanks for the dedication to Your viewers!!!

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