1. This video is 100% right. Well-done Corey. It is 10000% colder temps. Flush with temps low as possible blowing onto the plants and you will achieve purpling if the strain is known for it. It's honestly exactly that. Flushing at the right timing before harvest and making sure in the last 2 weeks of cycle it is below 20 degrees Celsius (60-65 farenheight). It honestly is that easy. Truthful video finally. Well done.

  2. Do you think some added uv would have stacked your nodes a little tighter? I know that’s a runtz trait I’m just getting into the uv and deep red stuff and am curious in your experience

  3. Listen up folks….2 main things to producing amazing colors/fade.Always push your plants to they very end and introduce cool/cold air from inline fan to plants last 2-3 weeks of flower.🤘

  4. Only fade I can get is when they're hanging in my closet drying…..😂
    I'm a outdoor grower and if I wait for the fade…. My tricomes will be way past overdue on harvest. Been growing since 1992 and I harvest 70% milky and 30% amber…..so at that time….the leaves are still green as hell even after flushing for 2 weeks.

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