1. If I have a plant in a 1gal fabric pot and want to transfer to a 5gal fabric pot can I just put the entire pot within the bigger one? Being that its fabric won't the roots just grow through or is this less than optimal?

  2. FOURMS AND ASK FOR TIPS AND ADVICE sites always to never help ppl out and ignore you .Iv been doing a lot of research as it makes u over think and get confused N always a 50/50 on EVERYTHING… PLEASE HELP: got real good brick weed plant no on veg about 1.5 weeks and one purple urkle im starting from seed to harvest. Note I'm a beginner , Best/good advice for short and stealth (my brick seed) outdoor grow Tips.also ama transplant to better soil in about 2-3wks/6 to 9in veg plant to harvest .while my purple urkle seed With the SAME soil , Seedlings to harvest. 1. Best soil for what I mentioned. 2. If I have to buy nutrients for it (Looking at F.F trio or anything cheaper u may know of) and 3. Pot size and type of pot for Best results.(I'm looking at cloth bags) keep in mind outdoor gorilla grow in cowboy state and having plant short for stealth under 5ft maybe 4t. WHAT I ALSO LIKE IS, SOMEONE TO HELP ME OUT AND KEEP IN TOUCH FOR ME TO EXPLAIN MORE DETAILS .🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  3. Many many credible scientific studies claim that B1 vitamins do nothing for plants, transplanted or not. Can't find a single study that proves any benefits. If you use vitathrive or superthrive and see positive results then it is the other ingredients doing so, not B1 vitamins, that is a myth.

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