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  1. 00:58 How DNA Genetics is going to maintain its positioning on the market?
    01:33 “The black market is still thriving in California. Or maybe even all over the world.”
    03:40 “Don and I just love weed.”
    04:49 Why exactly DNA Genetics is one of the best seed producing companies on the market right now?
    06:52 Aaron is about "Who is your daddy?" seed crop, how it is related to Jipsy Nirvana and what DNA means.
    10:20 The cannabis industry is more developed now than before. Why?
    12:19 How to become a partner of DNA Genetics?
    13:13 Aaron tells his secrets of seeds producing.
    14:25 Aaron thoughts on CBD/THC
    17:24 “People drink wine and they enjoy the taste of the wine. The same way I feel about cannabis. I want to enjoy the taste.”
    18:40 Aaron smoked with Oliver Stone and Willie Nelson. Is it true?
    20:03 Does DNA Genetics plan to organize any events?
    22:01 Education in the cannabis field. Is it possible? Does DNA genetics make any steps to provide it for customers?
    25:03 What is the strain Aaron can smoke down to the filter?
    30:18 About the positive and negative impact of cannabis.
    34:05 "Western medicine and western laws play a huge role in not letting traditional medicines take their place.”
    36:18 "Why keep it so illegal if it helps?"
    39:30 “You need people with cannabis experience growing cannabis. You need cannabis experience to grow cannabis.”
    41:15 About DNA Genetics experience with Herbies Seeds

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