1. Alex Jones, talks trash about weed then goes smokes with Joe Rogan smh Trumps lil bitch boy. Good idea Alex let's give people harmful engineered pharmsudicals which have dozens of side affects rather then giving them a harmless natural plant.

    It makes you crazy Alex? Your already crazier then a barrel of monkeys… Weed just brings out what's already in you. No wonder you don't like it, it shows you that you are a crazy conspiracy theorist.

    Also, I cant believe you compared a plant to whiskey?


  2. Who cares let people put what they want in their bodies… Land of the free home of the brave my ass. More like land of the slave home of the brainwashed. It's legal to smoke 1000 packs a day and drink a semi truck worth of hard liquor but if you have as little as gram of marijuana (weight of about a paperclip) it's off to the dungeon for you slave.

  3. Get this…..I never received an "A" in school until I started to smoke marijuana. I'm talking about college. I've been so enlightened by weed that I want to learn everything there is to know.

  4. If you think today's pot is so much stronger that what "you tried'" in High School they you tried ditch weed back then. Today's pot is just consistently equal to the best of what we had back then and the solution is simple, take one toke and stop JUST AS I DID BACK THEN when I got good pot.
    The people who smoke and sit in the basement would do soeven if they did not smoke at all, it is in what they bring to the pot, not what the pot brings to them.

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