1. What's that black pump you use to transfer the nutrient water? Is it an electric pump or siphon? I don't think I caught it in your equipment list. I have 3 dwc running right now. First time grower, looking to have an easier time changing nutes! What size trash can is that you use to mix everything too? Thanks man. You are a big help to me! 👊🏼

  2. I saw ur using rock wool, that's what I use. Can I just go ahead and stick a seed in the rock wool then put in my propagater ro germinate it like a reg seed? Someone just hooked me up with like 30 autoflower seeds for free lol

  3. Hello Amigos, I am really curious to discover your results, because in my case of autoflowering of 3 x GG4 and 2 x NYC were to remain very small in the ground with only 100% organic fertilizers, my result had been a real exceptional quality with a very strong taste well pronounced of each of the varieties, but it absolutely did not scratch the throat, it was really very good and very potent its just when in terms of grams it was less than 4 oz , it's not much I think. So good luck to you and lots of "success I wish you and I will subscribe directly to your channel which seems to me to be of very good quality, and certainly a gold mine in terms of information and learning !!! Thank you again for your work my very dear Amigos !!!

    See you soon


    Fabrice BECKER

  4. Corey, why don't you like autoflowers? It's funny you dropped this video with autoflowers, I was about to comment on another video to ask you why you haven't posted a autoflower grow. So why don't you grow or like autoflowers? Please advise

  5. Love your informative videos but the lead in Music go to my fu*king nerves. I have to remember each time to shut off my sound and wait till i think you're speaking. Dropping the N—- word bombs is not what i want to hear.

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