1. This is horrible, that is dangerous, barely purged oil. That stuff would balloon up in a vacuum purger. No way do you dab that, maybe you use it for edibles or something and that’s why you don’t realize it’s FULL of butane still.

  2. Sorry but are you crazy…?? How can you put a with butane filled dish on a HEAT source?? Why not use a vac pan ON a electric heat platedigital??this is asking for trouble PLEASE DONT DO THIS LIKE HE SHOWED

  3. Question! What happes if you forget to pop the bubbles? I forgot mine outside and i could only pop the big ones. Now is solidified quite a bit. Can I heat it and stear it? I use it as medicinal oil, mixed in with a bit of avocado oil.

  4. Great video! I have been looking for a way to make old school honey oil that you can just spread onto a paper. Thank you. Can you purge at lower temps in a vacuum chamber? And what product would you get..oil?… if I understood correctly you could reheat the purged product up to 180 to turn it into oil. Is that correct? Or is best just to purge as you showed in this video

  5. Love it just have to make sure to get all the bho OUT !! Hey haven't got that mail yet ill keep the eye out for it and them Beans.. Does that green Tool hook 750 can's ? And how much $ for 2 of your Shirts 1 large and 1 at 3 xL.. Thanks Guys

  6. also use hot water as your heating element just plug ur sink and fill with hot hot water from the tap and whip it but keep it next to a window and have a fan blowing toward the window behind the sink and then whip it when it gets down while its in the sink youll prolly have to switch the water a few times but itll be good if you whip and purge it for a while you cant rush it or itll b shitty butane wax stuff

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