1. Build a city fill it will slaves fill it with guns arrest people fill with drugs arrest people fill with diseases etc etc babylon system is the vampire.Nasa 60 billion dollars a year and we get flashing lights and 0 evidence. Science is a priesthood period.we are the product people.All news media sold out.

  2. Bill gates expert in computers? Viruses? Vaccinations? Vaccines? WHO? Population control? Genetically modified seeds? G m o foods? Microchips? Chemtrails? BIBLICAL DISSEMINATION COGNITION THE AWAKENING.

  3. My mother could have lived and then my childhood and life would have been so so much better and happier. The traditional therapies at Boston hospital killed her!! And tore apart many lives!!

  4. The Federal Death Authority allows countless, harmful drugs to be given to human beings of all ages, even prophylactically, but feels they absolutely must forbid anyone from receiving treatments they have not approved. How can anyone believe the FDA cares about human life when their works say otherwise?

  5. Why don't people ever realize the simple fact that a cure for cancer would mean a huge population problem for the World. And also realize that evil people will happily take your money in the perpetual pursuit and hope….. " OF A CURE!"

  6. My mother was diagnosed with reast cancer ,she was to under go radiation chemo and some new trial drug that works with chemo. also they wanted to remove her reasts my mother said she was born with them and would die with them. My mother had busted her stitches and seroma filled her breast as if she had a implant the burstedso my mom was told by the radiologist since she wa so active radiation was not wise. So she tried the trial mmr I think it was called by her 3rd treatment the nurse trying to make coversation said oh done with uouy chemo , My mom yelled out I new it and never went back . Mind you she was told she was on her stage 4.That was over 10yrs ago she never had cancer. Get a second opinion
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  9. Honestly speaking the only research that the ’scientists’ will always do involves the increase of big pharmacy profits. They will never cure any disease permanently for them to make more money by keeping people reliant on drugs, and they will do everything possible to discourage others from trying other medications like herbal medicine but i thank God for my friend who directed me to DR HOLAHAN.

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  10. I wonder how many other treatments have been stopped not just in the US but all over the world by Big Pharma. And not just in medicine, I seem to remember a rumour that a cheap and sustainable substitute for petroleum was quietly bought up and hidden by the oil companies.

  11. Look up: "Plandemic Documentary" on Bitchute.
    Dr. Mikovits, God Bless your heart and your work. "Dr" Fauci and others like him will be exposed in the blessed name of our Lord God Jesus Christ. Amen.

  12. Hi, My sister has just been diagnosed with a brain tumor. The op is on the 28th Sept but they're suggesting chemo and radio therapy. Any advice? Has anyone used the Burzynski Clinic?

  13. There are loads of other ways to make money rather than the expense of innocent people's lives, those innocent people who you swore to protect, those innocent people who depend on you, those innocent people who made you what you are today, and this is what you do to pay us back? Fraud, making money off of less privileged people after setting laws to protect the same people? SMH

  14. What is being exposed by the fake pandemic? The same evil perpetrated against the people by those who deem themselves the elite rulers over man by self decree and without the knowledge of the people and without the consent of the people. They are criminals.

  15. I noticed that this was uploaded more than a year ago yet now the original posting has been taken down. Thank you for re-uploading it. I encourage you to keep doing so if it is taken down!

  16. Im not one to believe in many conspiracy theories, or bigfoot, the loch ness monster, etc. But this is one of those very rare and convincing cases. The U.S medical system profits off of people suffering, if we got a cure for cancer, then the medical system wouldn't be making as much money as using chemotherapy. Chemotherapy doesn't grant a hundred percent cure, meaning you could do many rounds of it, spending a lot of money per round of chemotherapy. It just makes sense, considering the behavior of the FDA, no cancer equals no profit.

  17. What on earth is wrong with people?
    This is utterly sickening, and I will never make a contribution to another medical research effort!! I have also lost all confidence in the FDA. It all boils down to money, greed, and politics. And here it goes again with HCQ, another drug that can undoubtedly save lives – suppressed.

    There is no interest whatsoever in saving peoples' lives these days, except in the case of Dr. Burzynski and other dedicated individuals like him. It is also disturbing that there is such hate and such a need to want to destroy highly successful people. Why is that?

    I recommend this book, "Elixir: Cancer Has Been Beaten" by Patrick A. Popoli. It explains why the cure for cancer is unwanted. I'll push it a little further – except most likely, for certain people.

    "Plague of Corruption" by Judy Mikovits is another excellent read.

  18. The murder of many innocent children. Deceiving parents who are desperate to save their child. Some parents can't afford to take their child overseas for treatments, yet many are donating money to the cancer foundation and for research to find a cure. On your treatment plan, you will only be offered chemo and radiation.

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