1. Having Epilepsy, I can tell you STRESS does have effect on seizure activity. It sucks, but it happens. Although, MOST of my seizures are just random run of the mill Tonic-Clonic, brought about by the Epilepsy itself, I've had a few that I contribute to sressful situations. Just thought I'd share.😊

  2. I was born with seizures and me having ptsd doesn't help. I have tried CBD oils and they don't work for me. I try not to sleep because I have been having them in my sleep. Me and my sister were stuck in a house fire when we were 1.5 months and 3 years old.
    Let me know what you recommend.

  3. Thank you for spreading the word and proper way to help someone having a seizure! With my wife we found that the doc meds help with the seizures but if she stops they are far worse than before. Back to the greens. Just wish it wasn't so expensive!! We need more medical coverage for it. 💚🙏

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  5. I'm happy you talked about the science behind it because I was actually thinking of one of my friends from high school who, coincidentally, has epilepsy and was thinking of something non-medical related (I assume) that could be hinder them from getting said item.

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