1. This setup is perfectly fine for a general purpose distillate, though a little more work is necessary to get a "pure" THC product. As others have noted a separatory funnel is important if you will be explicitly separating out terpenes—and flavonoids—from your THC (B.P. 157°C). Isolating pinene (B.P. 156°C) from the distillate without a separatory funnel is pretty difficult since it will begin evaporating at about the same time as THC, which is why many distillates have remnants of the piney aroma, especially single distilled varieties.
    If you're not worried about getting some of the natural flavor into the final distillate (wider spectrum of flavor, lower concentration of THC in the product), it is easy enough to either change the spout to a new collection flask once condensation stops at 157°C, then raise the temp to condense your CBD (if desired) from the 160-180°C range. Multiple distillations in series will further purify the product. If you have the patience and some basic glassware you could produce a very pure concentrate in three distillations in your own home!

  2. what can be done with the cannabis in terms of using it for extraction or does the water ruin it? also what percent of a batch must be dedicated to terps if I wanna extract then reintroduce them later?

  3. I have an essential oil distillation kit, I'm wondering if it can be used correctly to extract CBD oils…. however the prices for essential oil chemistry sets and those specific to "CBD" are SOO different in pricing.. coming with cold traps and things like that? Is this needed? Can I still mess around and get something of value using my essential oil kit? thanks!

  4. Hey I was wondering if I can get any of the essential oil to help with a skin problem and curious what place you work for I would love to learn and apply my knowledge to be a part of an industry like you are in

  5. Where can I buy this? Also what's the actual terpenes level of this oil? Also can be smoked safely with a vaporizer?
    I would greatly appreciate any available answers to these questions.Thank you Eden

  6. Where did you get your equipment. I like the large flask for the plant material and heater. Everyone else has a flask with a narrow opening, toooooo much work. LOL

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