1. Try stirring for only 30 seconds and then pour through a filter. Put in freezer amd pour it through coffee filter again. Make sure everything has been in freezer for 5 hours before starting this project. Keep everything in freezer between steps as well

  2. Yeh I boil too long u cooked the flavor n some thc off . Do 90% and let’s it sit out side for 2…3 days and u gotta winterized ur wax then filtered thru a unbleach coffe filtering now you’ll get some nice shatter or wax … very tasty

  3. Anyone ever have a problem with a soapy aftertaste when vaping using pg Terps. I feel like it's a problem in the process that my buddy is using… I felt like it was because he used bleached coffee filters thanks for any feed back

  4. Place the glass containing the oil into very warm water. Oil will run down the walls and can be pored into a small container. Once it in and cools again it will be like u c it now.

  5. So many mistakes , you first problem is that stupid rice cooker , you completely ruined your extract by burning it . Thc-A boils off at a pretty low temp as well as all of the terps, guarantee you didn’t check the temp setting or monitor the temp in the process .

  6. dry ice , cooler, put stuff in wait till cold, mix col weeed and ethanol into zip lock thick shake 3 times till its been about 50 minutes hour., strang through steel strainer for leaves, reusable coffe filter for other debris and a coffee filter for the fine stuff to go in empty jar, let it filter in cooleer!!!after that you can let it evaporate with a fan on a heat pad in a long and wide ass dish..es……..pppl use real tools or marvelous home inventions for this..(buchner for filtering…evaporator or still for evaporating). yours is green liquid because of clorophill ..doing this in the heat easily caused that..also the lentgth of time..also dont bust everything up like someone tipped.. tha promotes more green soup)…that cooker seemd way too hot.. you destroy flavour and the look of your product by over heating.. i rambled so i rmeember this all when i try it for the first time

  7. I used isopropyl alcohol (99.7%) bought at pharmacy and it evaporated in 1 hour after filtering it thru coffee filter in a kitchen just few degrees above room temp, very well-ventilated of course. I used 60 ml for 10 grams of kief. Easy peazy.. Just remember to let it evaporate on a surface that makes it easy to collect the remains from. Parchment paper is great. Good luck. Using Everclear (95%) takes longer time since it is not as pure as isopropyl alcohol (99.7%) from pharmacy.

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