1. Seems like the damn botrytis spread a lot.
    I was so good on keeping it away with hydrogen peroxide this year..
    Dunno if you remember but we both used it the first time 2020!
    Had 3 HUGE super silver haze and 3 kush (probably critical kush) almost ready (1 -2 weeks left) and my spot got robbed…
    At least I got to harvest my 3 Frisian Dew and less than hand full of mold for 3 gigantic plants with 2 weeks of rain and night temperatures 5-2 ยฐC here in Nor Europe…
    I'm so sad man.
    The 6 plants that were left should've been twice the frisian dew weight.. just so sad about laws, the government and the hypocrisy everywhere.
    Was probably a hunter or forest worker and why in the world would he do that to my babies they were hidden in the deepest woods…

  2. Sorry about the mold… it's been raining here in s.c. too. We have ours in 20 gallon pots… moved them under an awning tent at night… has kept water and mold away. We are flushing this week then cutting and triming too… very exciting! Good luck bud!๐Ÿ˜Ž

  3. I didn't learn it from a link I just experimented I have cut sucker leaves off and every time I do that it slows the growing down so I just top them when young if u want more branches . last yr I cut a bunch of sucker leaves one plant not the other the one I left alone finished way fasted and a lot bigger bud and both where about same size so learned threw trail ear experimenting I love your show u got some nice ganga plants keep It going peace I used your demantis earth works good . and another thing plants no what they need more then I can even come close to think I no what they need I have found. When it come to cutting sucker leaves the will use them when they flower .hope I can help have a great day

  4. Every time u cut the plant it sends it into shock I just cut the whole plant and hang them up side down they will ripen up as they hang. I have found when u cut the plant it slows it down puts in shocks takes longer to ripen

  5. Hi Tyson nice colas I just finished my harvest yesterday. London Ontario Canada. Luv all yours vids brother๐Ÿฒ๐Ÿ‰. I'm a birthday boy today 62 but I say I turned again lol

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