1. Cannabis Legalization must remove the Schedule 1 criminal ties and remove it completely from any schedule otherwise it is a a prison penalty or arrest waiting to happen. The idea that States should regulate cannabis is not reliable either. THe reality is that cannabis must be legal same as alcohol and tobacco or as a schedule III for children or medical with exemption for straight CBD. Grow your own should never be regulated by government.

  2. Can you further elaborate on 'genetic definition'? I feel that limiting strains would be bad for genetic diversity, cannabinoid profiles, and terpene profiles. Of course it should be legal but I think a good compromise for hemp would be a 1% THC limit or something similar.

  3. Former Navy Corpsman here, I didn’t know that this was why the Navy was so strict about marijuana. The Navy is definitely the most strict about drugs of all the military branches. I know a bunch of people who were kicked out for marijuana. One of the most screwed up cases that I saw was when I was at First Marine Division. My friend, who had multiple combat tours in the Middle East, popped positive for marijuana after he came back from leave. The Marine lawyers were fighting for him to stay in while the Navy was not having it, so he was in limbo for along time before kicking him out.

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