1. You did a lot of good, albiet biased, research. I learned a few things and I thank you for that. Before anyone gets their fingers limber… I'm a Libertarian… I'm not defending Republicans, nor am I attacking Democrats. I agree that Republicans are extremely slow to smarten up to this topic. No argument there, nor about the racist origins. My criticism, respectfully, is that the Democrats have held plenty of power since Nixon. They've done NOTHING until these most recent handful of years. I'm not nitpicking, my point is this. The problem isn't the initial that follows the politician's name… It's the politicians themselves. It's the big money, and I'm not a classist, that is stacked up against legal cannabis. It's the fact that the people of this country are too wrapped up in taking political sides. It's the myopathy of this country which allows the political elites to pretty much do what they will. We don't hold them accountable because we're too busy justifying our position by pointing to bad behavior from… The other side *GASP*… A bit of a rant… But sorry… Both sides are EQUALLY to blame. The Republicans may have been the ones to initiate, and brutally perpetuate this garbage, but the Democrats have, through inaction, validated this unlawful war against the American people. I'm glad the Democrats are stepping up. I think it's a step in the right direction.

    "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."
    -Edmund Burke

  2. The Republicans are awful examples of people and that is especially true of their leaders: Mitch McConnell and Trump. There is absolutely no way I would ever vote for a Republican since I have zero faith in them to do the right thing for our country and the American people. That said, I'm not really thrilled by the Democrats either but they are, in my opinion, the lesser of two evils.

  3. I consider myself center right, and if its one thing imo republicans flat out fuck up is cannabis legalization. Gov Kim Reynolds is my usual go to example, and she vetoed bipartisan legislation for MEDICAL marijuana, and is on record stating while she's governor rec will never be legal in Iowa despite an overwhelming majority in favor.

  4. Could we accept the 2% thc getting past, for now, with hopes that it all changes in the future? Would that be a step in the right direction, or cause a legal issue? It seems That so much has changed even with hemp flower, with less than 0.03% thc, being legal and available.

  5. Screw the Democrats & Republicans. Quit acting like Democrat JOE sleepy Biden is for cannabis , many Democrats r against cannabis. And have slowed the process majorly. Both parties r rascist and have screwed us brown USA supporters. BROWN MAGA !!!!!!!!!

  6. So. Give up more liberty & rights to the rabid left, for a long shot they might follow thru on some 1/2 baked legalization?
    Nahhh. I’m good. 😎🏴‍☠️🌱🌱🌱

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