1. Just be aware that CBD increases ocular pressure and those on the spectrum are more susceptible to vision disorders including Glaucoma, especially if taking ADHD medication.

    It is actually THC that lowers ocular pressure. So if you are at risk of Glaucoma, it is not advisable to take only CBD and if you do, make sure you get your eyes tested regularly.

  2. High time that you reported the versatility of natures cure all.
    Two years since medical grade hemp was legally available to treat epilepsy .
    Big pharma will put up a huge challenge against this as well as big breweries because it will literally grow anywhere hence the name weed.
    People over profit , tax the rich
    Thanks Andy

  3. i smoke cannabis everyday just about… never hurt me or affected the way i go about life! when people have more trust in meds and chemo then a plant given to us by mother nature there is something messed up!

    when people wake up and realize cannabis is a healing plant and not a drug, maybe more peolpe around the world can be helped to heal naturally and not with dangerous mixtures of chemicals in tablet form!

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