1. You can also try black seed oil, we are muslims and we learned that black seed oil is a cure for all things from Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Look up its benefits on youtube. Our daughter is 2 year 4 months old and she just got diagnosed a week ago. But we knew that she would be diagnosed.

    When she was 18 months old thats when every thing became clear to us that she might be autistic after her evaluation for early intervention. Her eating was really bad, she only wanted to drink her similac milk. So when she started early intervention, she had no functioning words at all, she was a very picky eater and her understanding was low but my wife and I started to learn about ABA methods and we would give her black seed oil every night, now she can sing along with us, she has many functioning words such as eat, im
    hungry, water, bye, close the door, open the door, tv and many others and if we tell her to repeat something she does it most of the time. She high fives now and hug us when we ask for it. She is definitely more engaging with us. She does echolalia sometimes. She would repeat phrases exactly like in the cartoons she watches.

    We are grateful to God for her progress and now that she has a diagnosis, we are in the process of applying for ABA. But in the meantime my wife still do a lot of table activities with her.

    We have a one year old too, she seems to be developing typically. It can be tough sometimes because the one year old also wants attention when we are focusing on doing our own version of ABA with our two year old. My wife gets overwhelmed a lot with them but we trust in God and we are hopeful that everything will be fine. So hang in there and know that you are not alone in this, we are all in this together. We may have different beliefs but that doesnt mean that we cant understand and advice each other. May God make all of our journeys full of success and happiness ameen 😊

  2. I am late 40s, 15 years post hysterectomy. 11 years with hardware in both legs.
    Five years ago A therapist recommended cannabis for me at night because I couldn’t sleep
    I take Indica three Vape’s before bed…it’s life-changing. It’s also drastically reduce my PTSD.
    I listen to the Psalms usually after taking it. I do recognize that it does open me “spiritually” more. So I wouldn’t be comfortable watching TV with it. Hope that makes sense. But everyone experiences it’s effects differently.
    I’ve been hoping someone would start a Christian pro-cannabis group.
    God bless you guys for sharing, christians need to know how helpful this plant is.

  3. Good for you guys for thinking outside of the box. Doctors are humans too and they do not know everything. There is always an alternative to modern medicine. You have to do what is best for your daughter. Not all kids are the same. I don't have a child with Autism. I just love your channel and your family. I love how you guys are so real and honest. You figure things out as you go just like the rest of us. You are doing an awesome job. Of course I have to say how cute Emma is because I say that all the time!! You guys are great.

  4. From my knowledge of both cannabis products and autism, this is the results I'd expect. CBD is going to work to reduce some of the sensory overload you see with autism. Those on the spectrum frequently will get distracted and overwhelmed by environmental factors which contributes to behaviors such as aggression and self harm. That's gonna reduce some of that which might be contributing to her performance in ABA. Other stimuli that might have previously been distracting might not faze her as much with the CBD oils. Keep up the good work!

  5. Our doc also couldn’t say what dosage or recommend it, she did say other autism parents she sees said it helped with growing pains but she can’t say it will help for sure. I may try it for that 💙 thanks for the update ☺️
    P.S i love your huge coffee mug 😂

  6. The thing about cannabinnoid oils is its not a quick fix. It is trial and error. You have to give it some time. Results are not overnight. You have to find the right dosage that works for her. For some kids its a combination of different things. Also know it isnt a magic fix. My daughter was taking oils and was being watched by a doctor who specialized in cannabis since she was also taking THC.. I think I reccomended a group to you. Not sure if you have checked it out but its super helpful in there. Goodluck with everything.🙂

  7. That's awesome you guys think it might be helping, I don't think there is anything wrong w trying, we've never tried it but now he is 8 and takes something for his adhd and we've seen alot of improvement. We didn't start any medication until he was 6 I didn't want to have to but nothing else worked, the more natural the better. His main issues have always been adhd and impulse control but other than that he never had aggression, eating, or sleep issues. Would you guys be willing to stop naps? I just ask bc then she could go to bed sooner and hopefully sleep all night, just a thought. If she absolutely has to have a nap maybe do only 20-30 mins. We had to do the same thing bc naps were becoming later and later.

  8. I remember seeing your first video of "signs we saw" and that was at 18m… so she must be like… 22-26m now? Have those signs of autism changed since then? Any NEW signs?

  9. Great video I have autism ADHD and anxiety I’ve just subscribe I’m a new subscriber so I like your YouTube videos keep up the good work on your YouTube channel 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

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