1. Can you use CBD to double cleanse? does it emulsufives? I have sensitive acne prone dry skin mostly comedones.. kinda interest in trying the elf oil but only to massage and wash it off my face, so idk if the fragrance will irritate me using it in that way. Thank for the video really helpful!❤

  2. Love, love, love your videos and appreciate you so much. Thanks for being our test "rabbit" for just about all the products on the market today. ☺ I just purchased the e.l.f. All The Feels Good Facial Oil w/ hemp derived cannabis sativa and I am so happy that this one is fragrance FREE! Yes, finally! I do not know the percentage of hemp seed in the product but I am excited to try this out. Have you tried this one yet?

  3. Wayne Goss is the King of putting things made for the body on the face. I believe he was the one that recommended putting the Clinique body sunscreen on the face. It is a much better value. I can’t be sure, but I think it was him.

  4. I was hoping you would mention the Cannuka CBD Calming Eye Balm. I bought it during an Ulta Beauty sale since it was half price at the time. I have oily skin, so I use it only at night because it's so thick and greasy like Vaseline. It took some adjustment since it stays on top of the skin rather than sinking into it. However, I have noticed that by using it consistently over the last several months, the skin under my eyes has really improved! I also use it as a lip balm at night. I may purchase it again the next time it's on sale.

  5. I fell in love with the Herbivore from a reward I got at Sephora. I've been trying to find a cheaper substitute since because I'm on a budget, but I still love that one the most. I just got the elf, but the fragrance ugh I hate it. Great video as always!!

  6. Super helpful my grrrl! Cuz all I've been seeing are claims that CBD is great for my skin. But why? You are the first person I've seen to even TRY to explain this to me. Thank you. I'm still a lil confused on what to begin with. Wanting introduce new products slowly. One at a time. So I can tell if it's adding any benefit and or bringing in any less desirable effects. I'm for sure gonna try the ELF line. I do have a question though. And it's for my mother. She has a lot of cystic type acne issues. And I'm fairly confident it's bacterial. She is 71 years old. And I know for a fact that she isn't using a consistent skin care routine. I'm actually gonna start doing a weekly "Spa Day" for her at home. Just to help her address these acne break-outs. At least once a week. I've bought her some products but they are still sitting on her vanity, barely used. I tried to pick out gentle products (a gentle cleaning bar soap…she is one for the bar as opposed to gel cleansers) and a moisturizer from CeraVe. The cream. Not the lotion. Being 71 with fairly dehydrated skin all over, I thought that was what is needed. But I'm thinking that a chemical exfoliator is gonna be needed as well. I got her an acid spot treatment too. For the actual eruptions. But I'm trying to prevent them from occurring so frequently. When they do happen, they are primarily on her lower face i.e. jawline & mouth area. She doesn't go out in public very often so she doesn't concern herself with the appearance, much. But they are VERY painful. And SHE sees them in the mirror which must not be very nice. I feel bad for her and want to help her. Can you please give me some suggestions. Did I make decent choices with the products I've already bought? What others should use in the "Spa" plan. And what should I urge her to use daily…when I'm not there to help her apply them? Sorry this was long. If you read this far…thank you & please help.

  7. I have both the Cannuka skin balm and the calming eye balm. The eye balm glides on the skin more easily – probably so you don’t have to tug on your delicate eye area to apply it. It’s .44oz, which doesn’t sound like much, but it will last forever. I only use it at night because it doesn’t absorb right away.

  8. Thanks for this video. I'm interested in CBD but, like you said, there's not much research yet. I'm so glad you see hope for CBD products helping those with sensitive skin. I think I may try the Elf eye cream, see how it works. I have so much trouble with coconut oil, shea butter, etc., I'm going to have to really read up on the face products. Thanks for doing so much work and providing us with the information!🤓

  9. I find mineral oil, castor oil and petrolatum in face creams make me break out. I have been buying a low cost moisturizer and mixing my own stuff like jojoba oil, rose hip oil, and HA into it. My face is a happy camper! I do have problems finding creams with low or no dimethicone….too much of that and the creams are hard to mix. I love Dermasil body lotion, but I enrich that with jojoba also and add a few drops of lavender essential oil which my skin also seems to love. I am going to look for some CBD products too. Thank you for this vid!

  10. Herbivore does formulate with fragrance in the form of essential oils. Many of their products contain essential oils (rose, jasmine, blue tansy and neroli.) The St Jane's CBD Serum is not the highest concentration CBD product on the market, Lord Jones Royal Oil is (1,000 mg.) Even if Royal Oil didn't exist, the Derma E De-Stress Calming CBD Serum also contains 500 mg CBD.

  11. I haven't tried much CBD on my skin. 😎😎😎 I have heard great things about Jose Moran from several Influencers. Your spirit is filled with glitter. I hope all is well? We are good. It is hot as heck here! I am chilln with my THC- CBD combo. My skin should be amazing. 😂😂😂😂. Have a great weekend. Luv ya..❌✖❌

  12. This really helped thank you for the explanation! Which is your favorite to use when your skin is irritated?: Snail, CBD, or Centella/madecassoside? (Or something other?)

    I wonder how CBD compares to the soothing and antioxidant power of madecassoside.

  13. Nice video. Retinol in the 80s. Glycolic in the 90s. Vit C in the early 2000s. Hyla Acid in the teens. Now CBD in the 2020s. Trends really come and go don't they? My fave ingredients are DMAE for anti wrinkles and Green Tea extract for calming inflammation and the lovely smell. Neutrogena made at one time a great Retinol/Green Tea moisturiser in a fancy white tube that I LOVED. I wish they'd bring that one back. I wish companies would stop packaging serums in those dumb eye dropper bottles. Pump bottles are so much more clever and better. Enjoy your CBD young lady!

  14. Excellent video Alice 🙏🏽 I bought the Herbivore oil on your recommendation and quite like it. Cannabis is legal here in WA so I’ve also purchased a CBD oil to ingest. It might be placebo effect but I find it so helpful for getting good sleep (if I’m going through a spell where I wake up for no apparent reason). As long as you research the brand (make sure it’s high quality) and start on the lowest dose, I don’t think delicate flowers will be harmed by it 😉
    Also, I usually comment on your fun wigs but your “look” in this video was the most stunning ever. Your classic facial features really shone. 😍 ☮️💟☯️⚛️

  15. Your skin is looking so gorgeous… I'm so jealous 😭 my skin is literally perfection I've gotten to a place where I'm so happy with it, my hormonal acne hadn't made an appearance in months…. Then enter the dreaded C-19 word and the fact that I have to wear a mask All day at work and my whole chin is A MESS 😭 thanks for this video. I need to look into some of these products. Thank you!!

  16. To be honest, I haven't been all that interested in CBD. That said, you've definitely peaked my interest with this video. I probably will start with elf's eye cream, the price is great. I'll probably look into other elf products, as well. Thank you for clearing up many questions I had for this ingredient. Stay safe, Alice.

  17. Omg !! Can not believe this has come up !!
    Last night I used a hemp oil sheet mask ( it was Simple .. so I was sceptical)
    I checked the ingredients.. looked good..
    OMG !!! My skin has transformed!! Literally overnight !!! If you could check out the ingredients for me … how can something give such a dramatic result do quickly!!! Is it just the hemp oil ??

  18. I had watched that same Wayne goss video you’re talking about and it got me thinking as well and that’s when I started using the cerave SA wash on my hair (roots mostly) about once a week. My hair isn’t nearly as oily as it was and it has completely cleared up those little bumps on my scalp. Before that I had bought it to use a body wash to clear up KP and it worked great for that as well. I had learned about that from watching dr dray when she was suggesting ingredients to use for KP. Even if I go through that bottle pretty quick it doesn’t cost much and I’m not sure how that would work on hair that’s dyed since I haven’t dyed or highlighted my hair in years.

  19. Have you used the kheils cannabis sativa oil yet if so how do you use it and do you like it ? I have a mini size I bought and I am not sure how or when to use it and is it suppose to burn your face I put it on and I think it burns.

  20. I just wanted to tell u I used the sat skin probiotic mask last night OMG I wasn't sure at first when I took it off it took forever to sink in but then …it was like no other I have tried I didn't even use a moisterizer last night it was so good and my face was still moisterized soft and plump when I woke up this morning ..I saved it in a plastic bag to use again like u do I never do that but I was like hey ill try it since it had so much serum on it and I only have 2 of the mask. I have to say I think this is one of the only sheet mask that I have used that is that effective and the eye cream is good but I still think I like my 🍌 bright eye cream better really wanna try the new FAB eye cream. Nothing to do with CBD but I thought I would let you know.😘

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