1. What is your training method for these girls? It's a little hard to tell, but kind of looks like a basic LST until there are a handful of branches, then let em grow upwards naturally with no additional topping? It would be cool to see a video of this and at what point in the training you are triggering flower. Jealous of your plant limit! Great vid!

  2. Beautiful Plants James! What kind of pruning,or topping ,do you do?? and when did you stop ?? Do you get much mold in those big colas??Do you PH your water ?? Thats sure ALOT of work moving those around.!! .GREAT Job!! In your opinion.what are the best all around strains..for yield,.buzz.,pain control,mold and finishing by the middle of Oct ?? Forgive the questions if I missed the info somewhere…. Love your pup !!

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