1. What you're talking about is the violence of poverty. It's actually, if you can believe it, worst than racism. It's violence is the unseen, unrecognizable condition of desperation it creates. Everything is scarce and limited. That incessant thought of uncertainty. Whether it is food, clothing or shelter. Everything and everybody becomes a measurement for what you have and don't have.

    The environment becomes doggie-dog due to so many limited resources. Watching documentaries about the Warsaw camps during the reign of Hitler and how the Jews within them were reduced to such animal behavior. An example: People dropping dimes on people just to get a meal for that night, which in many cases amounted to barely a loaf of stale bread. They did they this fully aware that that meant the life of those people they turned in. I found it shocking how well I understood what I was seeing, how well I understood the "neighborhood".

    For all that I have said, what most black people don't understand is the damage is not in all those scarcities. The damage is in the internalization of those feelings of desperation and overall despair
    of your life. It why "you can take boy out of the neighborhood …" Forget the light at the end of the tunnel, at that point you're not even aware that there is a tunnel. No one seems to give a f**k about you whether it's in the neighborhood or outside of it. And that thumping nasty wishing-well we call a TV. Shoving in your face all of that beautiful country you live in that you'll never be apart of.

    It's what the "people of wealth" really want, no education (reading). It is the most essential tool of oppression. You must remember, that was the one law they did enforce during slavery with other whites. Think about it, Frederick Douglass is the prime example of what they feared. Multiply him by 200 or 300, it's not rocket science to know this country would not be dealing with racism as we know it today.

    Blacks generally have a problem with other blacks getting ahead not because they don't want them to succeed. That's a mask! A mask for that deep seated feeling of being forgotten and a nobody. A constant painful reminder of the nothingness you feel about yourself and your life. And here's the real tsunami of it all …I was only speaking of the adult population. Look around you and you will now see the legacy their children have inherited.

    We do have some real serious problems. However, blacks have got to understand that white people have never been our problem. We are our problem. White people, at this point, only represent a complication. Albeit a complication to be dealt with for sure. But we're first!!!

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