1. The advertised product on 0:37 is not what she was using. The label says it’s olive oil hemp extract. The strain known as Charolette’s Web was derived from a low-CBD cannabis strain. Her parents bought weed at a dispensary that no one wanted because it contained hardly any THC and they made oil from it. Anyway, I hope this hemp derived CBD oil would work as well as actual cannabis-derived oil, but I just don’t know. I would hope it would work at least as well as what she used, since it’s being advertised as the real deal, and desperate people are buying it.

  2. RIP lil Princess!!! Thank u for opening up the worlds eyes to a treatment that can help millions like u. Gone to soon forsure but no more pain no more seizures. Rest easy sweetheart you'll never be forgotten kid!!!

  3. RIP Charlotte your life helped provide relief to many many other lives. I voted for legalization in Colorado while I lived there SPECIFICALLY for the medical uses when I learned of the Stanley Bros and Charlotte's Web in the Springs it brought tears to my eyes i was so relieved medical GOOD was being realized w even children wow!

    I have chronic back pain from a childhood accident I already was fully aware of the healing properties 🙂

    Condolences to Charlotte's family and friends very sorry to hear of her passing. 🌹🦋

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