1. I have been prone to some of these mistakes already however all good now at the moment luckly ive now got most things i will need for a seperate veg and flowers grow with extra Led lights for summer but i have lots of room to upgrade and add things. And many more mistakes to come.

  2. I think I would've been in real trouble if I didn't invest in a PH meter.
    My water's PH here is like 7.1. Perfect if you're gonna drink it, but way too alkaline for growing, especially since I'm in coco.
    With all the money you're investing in lighting, ventilation, either a grow tent or adapting a dedicated grow room, man, don't forego THIS just to save a few bucks. The cost of one is PEANUTS compared what you've already put in, ESPECIALLY because you wanna get the most out of all that other shit you had to invest in.
    Plus I got tomatoes and cucumbers growing outside, I can use it to water THOSE at the right PH, too. It's not just weed that likes a certain PH. Granted, cucumbers and tomatoes aren't as expensive as weed to either buy or grow, but still, you're putting in the effort to grow. Why not get the most out of it?

  3. Thanks for your info, lots of helpful information. my biggest upgrade have been grow lights… the mars hydro LEDs, they are easy to use plug and play and offer the best spectrum for both cannabis growing and flowering at the switch of a button, as well as built in cooling. In my experience they dramatically increase speed of growth and quality due to their canabis specific light spectrum and added UV in flowering. The mars hydro 300w panels are currently on sale here @t for less than 100$ per unit. Its s easy to get things started, luckily everything is available online.

  4. My biggest tip for newcomers is dont cut down to early! Don’t focus on the trichs like 99% of the internet says to do. The trichs on the outside always mature way faster than the ones on the inside of the buds witch is where 99% of the trichs are. Wait till they have no white pistils and get rock solid!

  5. After watch just about all of the content yall currently have, imma join the club. No knowledge is wasted here. More info that is relevant, with examples and dialogue not written by some with a phd or vagueness.

  6. Got a few questions, got some bad yellowing going on not sure why, temps stay 68to73day and night 3 1000 watt hps , 13×13room 7 foot ceiling, yellow is all over them no bugs started from seed .yellowing started in flower about 3 weeks in

  7. Payattention to your leaves is most important.bending and topping only way to grow.dont over water and under fertilize if needed.i don't ph my fertilizer, but then I been using the same fertilizer since the 1990tys.

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