1. I used to smoke in high school and kept a 3.8 GPA. I used to love to smoke and take a walk through the woods. If you smoke, you can eat a honey bun and drink a mt.dew to sober up. Being stoned is not even close to being drunk. Not even close.

  2. Yes to prop 207 – and hire me to show you the way – with the right funding from the billions of dollars in taxes I can show you a way of keeping our cities and communities safer for all – thinking out of the box – technocratic engineering research and design RnD – you think DARPA is the think tank we need – before the RAND invasion we had Bell labs and the Motorola miracle chip that revolutionize the world. Again, thinking out of the box technologies.

  3. Yes to prop 207 – every little bit of taxes to fund schools will help – every drop – this way my property taxes will not go up – let's take it a step further and put a ceiling on property taxes and let's make this taxable consumer product work for all Arizona.

  4. Ok , So do you want your children’s Bus drivers smoking on their lunch break and then bringing your children home. Since when are drugs used by ONLY RESPONSIBLE ADULTS. REALLY PEOPLE !!! Say No !! This sends the wrong message to our youth!!!

  5. I don’t mind if it will be a chance for pot to be legal but the only problem is the smell because it makes me cough and have a hard time breathing in pot smoke. Will be nice if their was a odorless pot

  6. I hope they don't make it legal for recreational use, because the quality that you get from the dispensaries will greatly decrease. Let whoever wants to smoke get their medical marijuana card. It's not hard at all to get.

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