1. Gee, what this 'news' show didn't mention was the fact that when the kid was forcibly stopped from taking his medicine, he began having horrible seizures once again.
    That goober, Gomer Pyle sheriff is waaaaay out of his element. Between his ignorance, prejudices and accent, well, those and more are reasons I fled the south almost 50 years ago. I see little, if anything, has changed down there.
    Here's another story of ignorance about medicinal marijuana…seizures again… http://locoweedfeed.com/weedfeed/2018/may/28/weed-feed-college-football-player-declared-ineligi/

  2. People need to organize, picket, and protest en masse. The efficacy of cannabis as an epilepsy treatment has been well established, which means the parents, I hope, are in a position to sue the police, the state, and CPS. Blood boiling. How can a drug law violate somebody's right to life?

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