1. Fantastic presentation. I’d like to be able to grow my own medicine, and so I’m trying to learn all I can from some homegrown seeds I have and growing outdoors. (I realize this isn’t that efficient but it’s been a fantastic learning experience so far while I can research and learn before deciding if I make a space bucket or two, or get a 2’x2’x5’ grow tent.) I plan to watch this multiple times and refer back to it as a resource depending on where I’m currently at in my grow.) so much information yet to take in and process! I felt fortunate to have a background as a respiratory therapist when you were taking about transmission and cellular respiration and the Kreb cycle because the processes are parallel to human lungs and circulation. Just really fascinating stuff! Thank you! I will have a well-formulated and well-conceived plan when I do an indoor grow.

  2. Question: have you heard of people using tea tree oil to their humidifiers? From my reading it seems that it would be an effective way to maximize your RH while naturally preventing mold and fungus. Can you see any potential problems with this? They say it leaves a smell in the buds, but not flavour, and the infused oil prevents coughing from bong hits. Thanks!

  3. This is the best lecture I've seen on growing so far. I've watched it twice and am adding the transcription to my home made grow bible. I haven't even started growing yet but this gave me confidence for when I start in a week.

  4. Dude your vids have helped me a great deal. I'm a new grower busy with my very 1st grow 🙂 there are so many guides & information on YouTube, but I find that a complete & thorough guide such as this (and your video on growing through the cycles) is the best. Thank you so much, I can't imagine growing without watching this.

  5. Nice Video Bro I see and hear the passion as well as compassion in your voice. I pray for nothing but the best for you and your future. I enjoy all your videos on your channel on how you simplify how to grow medicine from bean to harvest. I haven't seen a video on curing yet from you on best way to cure from home grown. Aloha my brahdah!

  6. Awesome show n info NV u r the best, I learn a lot from all your vids thanks again for sharing your knowledge n I can’t wait to c your new how to grow series that u did 👍👍👍🙏🖖✌️😎

  7. i joined you when u had 1200 subs on utube been watching ever since, took me a year to understand everything and asked u a lot of questions, since then im killing it!!!! listen and learn people!!!! thank you NV ur aussie mate =)

  8. Hi, I'm on my first grow and will be starting flushing in a couple of weeks. Can I just use rain water from the water butt? It's cold and about 7.8 ph or what do u recommend? Thx dude

  9. Absolutely spot on mate, an invaluable source of information for me, along with your 'how to' series. Many thanks for sharing your knowledge. Peace

  10. intermediate still! even wen u go slow, lol.. u can't teach beginners brother.. your vocab is too advanced , it scares some. wen I talk "too smart" I notice people shy away lol. I think ur a damn Guru , canna smarts, it's so much for uto cram all this in one sitting.. u can spread out wat u taught here over an entire semester.. So hats off to wat u do, who u are.. wen living in the age of Cannabis, to TEACH people to be growers, is special work.. if the world ever needs farmers, horticulture minds, ( which we will) I'm glad I'm good with you my man!! God bless bro!

  11. I have watched many of your vids and the number one thing I notice with them all is that you are repeatedly having issues with deficiencies, and that only on rare occasion do you have a "happy" plant, almost all of the plants you show look scary unhealthy. So with that being said my question is, if you are someone that many people look up to because you are an "Intermediate Grower" then why do the plants you show look so hideous?

  12. Awesome video. I watched your grow series a couple times love the information. One thing maybe missed the whole question or I need more understanding but for cloning the only time age matters is autoflower. Can't clone auto's

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