1. This old lady once slathered essential oils all over me after a bad time with peyote. You certainly don't have internet 'peyote tenders' so wtf.

    The oils worked and I got right.

    Later gator!

  2. If your too high just watch family guy. Episode after episode, it's so dumb and funny and easy to understand that it completely takes your mind off being scarily high. It's saved me a few times 😂

  3. Drink some coffee. It’ll make you feel a little less high, but your heart rate will go up and you’ll get even more paranoia/anxiety. Drink beer to counter-act the anxiety, and be sure to drink at least three of them so it overpowers the high rather than amplifying it. Then use nicotine. It’ll really take the edge off the high and wake you up. By this point you’ll desperately have to go to the toilet, and the act of walking there will wake you up further. Be sure to pass by the fridge on the way back and eat tons of food until you feel queazy. You’ll be really tired, but you can’t sleep after all that coffee and those cigs. Might as well smoke more weed. Load up the bong and rip it until reality starts lagging like a video game. If that gets too much, just drink more alcohol.

  4. Wait you can get too high? I smoked a .5 of wax last night and was only mildly stoned. I would kill to be obliterated at this point in my life. Fucking light weights get too high.

  5. No such thing as being too high. Although I understand because when I was younger I often freaked out and just wanted to be sober again. It can be a little frightening if you have anxiety but in the long run it has helped me WAY more than hurt me.

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