1. Bunch of sheeple doing what your told. Bet 99% of you don't know why the smart medical marijuana patients in WA voted >>>>NO<<<< for marijuana legalization.

  2. You act like Joe Biden didn't have power this whole time…
    Honest question… After the whole time of him being there… Why do you think he's going to change all of a sudden?

  3. Up here in Canada we legalised it. Mind you the government is still very stupid and instead of undercutting the price of the black market, they sell at a higher price so now there's a huge grey market … but still better than the USA.

  4. Seriously? I wouldn’t let my vote evolve completely around weed even though I smoke it to you and I love doing so but it isn’t going to change my mind about the elections one way or another and it shouldn’t you either goofy!

  5. Pretty sure Biden did a 180 on decriminalization like 2 days after they made the announcement… so idk how much faith I have that he'll actually stick to that with Kamala at his side. I really hope he does though, much love

  6. My only issue with weed is when I was at a bus stop ready to go to an interview for a job and some guy smoked it next to me for ages. I got on the bus and did my interview smelling of it. I saw on my interviewer's face, their nose scrunched up at it when I walked in. So I never got the job and I'm certain it's thanks that guy smoking weed. If it's for medical reasons I don't mind, just not right next to people in a close space. Not everyone likes the smell (same for tabacoo smokers too)

  7. Tf? 😂😂 Since when exactly? Cause he was singing a very different tune during the primaries. I have a feeling this is just going to be one of those broken campaign promises that politicians sweep under the rug after they win the election. I hope he keeps this promise but something tells me that'll just be another disappointment that will end up alienating the youth vote even more.

  8. Cannabis voters have organized and used democracy to take back control of their states. This 'grass' roots movement should be used in the current election. It is clear how many people who have a common enemy can unite and get strength.
    Many states are now throwing out the federal banks, saying 'we don't need your dirty money.'
    Smokers unite, and dump the bosses off our backs.
    Make a new Declaration of Independence, and a new Constitution that says 'Congress Shall Make No Laws' period.
    The people will make laws…if needed.

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