1. I have been reading everywhere and seeing on you tube as well that rice water should not be left on hair overnight. It may damage the hair or cause more hair fall. Pls make it clear as this is the question of many people. Is it safe to keep it overnight. Pls reply.

  2. I will start this challenge day after tomorrow sister and I will share the results and I also follow ur hairline growth video… And will share results after a month ❤❤sister can u make a video on how to increase eye lashes.. ?there are many videos on utube but I trust u.. ❤and thanku again 😘

  3. Hey… am new one… I like the way you explained all in detailed… I like to start this challenge… n i will start from 15th oct… I have a dandruff issue n bcz of this hairfall… my scalp is showing…. I hope this will help me out…. n m following proper diet of multi vitamin calcium iron protein which is good for our body skin hairs….☺️🥰

  4. Is me agar sbse zyada achhi baat wo h ki awaaz bht mithi or usse pyar jhlakta h isko barkrar rakhna ye hi tumhari bht bdi khubi h
    baaki toh hme fayda mila h h uske bda wala thnxx
    love u sweet heart dear sister

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