1. D Rutter….  Well said!… yet what can we as individuals do? It's so wrong what the Government is doing… Cannabis is natural medicine that should be something every person should be able to grow as they wish… All we need is Liberty is so true… Thank you for speaking out about this… I am a Vancouver Island… Quadra Island…. Cortes Island girl….

  2. Sounds like the Queen's rule never ended.
    Trudeau is a completely spineless puppet, who reeks of incapabilities.
    Glad to hear your vids, was becoming concerned due to your absence.

  3. One of the things that really really pisses me off about this whole mess is that Bill Blair, the former police chief who put thousands of “criminals” in jail for simple possession, is going to profit from this new illegalization (not a typo) scheme. THAT is what should be illegal, his greed and arrogance.
    And if you really think about it, their plan will do nothing about the gangs and violence surrounding this plant. Lots of people won’t want the government approved weed because they know better.
    And allowing everyone the freedom to grow it commercially and sell it in various forms would have provided a lot of economic output for the gov to tax the shit out of.
    The feds really missed an opportunity on this one.

  4. It’s too late to change anything. The senate already voted, approving it last week. The big companies are all ramped up. In about 4 months they will probably be selling it legally, and then begins a major crackdown on anyone without a license

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