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  2. Funny by the form kid but stupid by the facts 🙂 I have not learnt a single thing and this does not convince me to hit the bong … Think out of the box if you want to get audience.

  3. You say that it's all mapped out and that we are already living out the timeline that is already set in place for us yet we should assign meaning to our life even though life is meaningless? The only coherent thought I got out of this is focus on the positive because there is no point in focusing on the negative. Great video, completely distorted. The higher power is you and within you and has been the entire time humans have been around, religion is just an easy way to interpret that. Congratulations on your journey from mediocrity, keep it simple and pure and everything else will follow.


    This video about DMT is for informational and educational purposes only; do not try this substance or do anything illegal. This video has been created strictly for education and harm reduction; to help people remain safe by properly educating them about the dangers & truths in an entertaining & artistic way. By viewing this video, you agree to never recreate anything discussed whatsoever. Do not replicate anything you see or hear in this video (or any other videos posted to this channel). This video/channel does not condone or glorify the usage of drugs. Don't do drugs. Thank you & stay safe 🙂

  5. Interesting video here bud, I keep agreeing and heavily disagreeing with you. Like how dmt was only ever hypothesized by Dr Rickstrassman to be the cause of dreams/near death experiences and has never been proven to be in our bodies at any given moment. You acknowledge it isn't something concrete after saying it is as well. I'm all for education when it comes to drugs, as long as it done correctly and there is a lot of personal interpretation of scientific studies going on here. And I'd rather not debate personal philosophies (cause I'd prefer that face to face) but this is coming from someone with 3gs of nn dmt and a .5 of 5 meo right beside me in the stash. If life is meaningless and it's up to us to find meaning in life, saying everything is predetermined (therefore what you do doesn't matter) totally goes against life being meaningless. The meaning of life is to follow this predetermined path then? I think life is meaningless and the meaning you give to life defines it as well I learned that through lsd, predetermination would refute that.

    Not trying to be a hater, the thing I agree with you on the most is about bringing positivity into your life and living with empathy/love for others. That's probably the thing lacking the most in our world in the day and age. I think we can both agree if we all put aside petty animal differences and learned to work together we could do some amazing things as a race. But that takes hard work and no bs, so my constructive criticism is your love needs to be a little tougher lol. Maybe separate the educational and philosophical parts of your channel into their own videos?

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