1. There are different cannabis strains if you take sativa cannabis your going to get a head high which makes you be more motivated, focused, alert and suppressed appetite but with indica cannabis thats the one that will make you feel relaxed and want to eat. Its annoying when people talk down on marijuana when it was only banned for political gain back in the 30s, it clearly has positive effects and much like anything else that we consume its up to us to use it in moderation

  2. LOL. Commie party usa bunk. Cat scans show opposite. Not good . Musicians said it DOES NOT MAKE YOU CREATIVE EITHER (ozzy, Deep Purple bass player, Slash etc). All pot heads rip off ALL songs. Led Zeppelin is worst. ALL SONGS. See Howard Stern Truth About Led Zeppelin. And a real study shows them before n after SAME GUYS. Bad results. THERES SHIT MAPS IN THE STREETS OF SAN FRAN AFTER THEY LEGALIZED IT. TROUBLE N DEMOTIVATION. lol

  3. This is true information from my experience. Weed does affect your memory, lack of motivation, and anxiety. It puts me in a stupor as soon as I come down too. I know an accident I had was because my reflexes weren’t normal as I am very agile and quick. I don’t understand how or why it seems to have a positive affect on some and others not so much. The scariest thing I witnessed was a man change and become an devil in anger when he wasn’t smoking and he casually told me afore hand how much it “helped” him. Yeah, it helped him keep his demons at bay.

  4. A lot of us don't realize that quitting weed can be possible in as little as a couple of weeks – without having to go through a horrific withdrawal. There are many ways to get it over with, but you can try Nemery Thentel's website for a proven detox program that has helped thousands achieve it on their own terms.

  5. I'm not a marijuana user at all, but I can assure you that without using it for my final university exams I would have simply failed, it boosted my brain how it did I cannot tell, but I was able to pass and retain and understand every bit of my difficult course

  6. in my graduating class, 60% of top tier 4.0+ GPA partook… And are doing very well for themselves now. The perceived/So called "Losers", that also partook, are doing very well also…
    average incomes: $55k-$276k+/year. In the area of study pursued
    crazy, right?!

  7. I remember things better when I'm high, I'm more social when I'm high, I can tolerate people better when I'm high and i hate being around people. i don't like big crowds but weed keeps me calm, I laugh, I eat, and I remember things way better when I'm high. I even remember stuff that happened 20 years ago that I never could remember.

  8. A lot of these comments look like addicts trying to defend their love (Mary Jane).

    Edit- I wonder if any of you stoners actually slowed down to see if you're able to live without this for a month. Some of you might say you can but don't need/want to but that's not an answer- what you're saying is "I haven't tried" which means you don't know if you actually can. You say you can but you'll only ever truly know if you're in control of your smoking habit if you can stop it for a while

  9. When i used to smoke everyday even most of the time couple times a day i couldnt get high any more.so i smoke once a week or twice a month then i feel high and get all that genious creative thoughts. Dont smoke everyday guys

  10. Lemme just say as for the whole "we don't know what it does to effect your brain" shit ok.. BUT we do know what smoking cigarettes does to your heart lungs a bunch of other shit and that cigarettes 2nd hand DOES effect children developments but that's ok to be legal that's all bs lol and to sit there An ol boy say "lack of motivation memory loss sign me up" bein an ignorant FUCK must not have issues I.e. Depression, anxiety, ptsd, must have a normal mental status, power to him but all of those issues cause severe lack of motivation an effects your memory guess what marry Jane does bitch the right fuckin strain fixes the entire issue 100 times out of 100 jack. And I AND my fiancé both carry these issues and up till now we would fight so much and I don't mean little fights. They were petty fuckin fights that escalated VERY quickly. Because having ptsd can make you quick to jump the gun An lose your temper as does anxiety being that your losing your temper but your doing so cause your scared. This almost completely ripped us apart so one night I decided during another ridiculously huge fight over petty shit where she was having an anxiety attack and I was losing my shit an already past the point of return I told her to follow me. Tried it one time. Guess what we have not done since? We have had our little disagreements as every couple does but we do not fight. Marijuana saved our relationship. And I'm talkin we been livin together for over 4 years An went through some unbelievable hell together during those years cause neither really had a grasp on their issues and neither wanted some experimental drug that has 8 billion different side effect (which by the way are still legal over marijuana and have proven death). And this don't mean we are heavy smokers because even if we are not smoking or can't we still aren't how we were at all the positive effects it has for the issues it can treat last longer than the high does and that's perfect for me so to along with that NO it's not addicting. We ain't losing our shit if we can't smoke ain't trying steal no ones stuff to get money for it. Do things start gettin rough after periods of time of no use well, yeah they do, as they would with any medication because they all wear off period so yeah you gotta keep smoking it lol sorry forks those issues like depression and anxiety and ptsd they don't just disappear lol do you get better with em suuurre yuh do. But medicine makes it a lot easier period An that's why everyone has their meds. But me and mines ain't about to be takin no experimental bullshit they wanna shove down your throat just to see what all it can do forget that noise man. We'll stay with marry Jane ✌️

  11. people with mental problems caint think better with pot what happens to them it well make ther streafenia worse try some one with mental problems it could flip them out why does kids say flip out.

  12. We are learning that cannabis helps reverse mind control programming, the government is going to do whatever it takes to push the negative because they NEED us to stay under their mind control!!! In my opinion the brain changes are positive 100%!!! I don't smoke weed by the way, because of my job, but I do take CBD's for health reasons and the effects on my energy, stamina, thought clarity, etc., are amazing!!

  13. Now we know why Weed is illegal. It makes people reject the bullshit rat race they Capitalists need us to be invested in. Imagine if all you needed in life was some weed (that you can grow yourself) food and a sunrise to be entertained. What would happen to all the shit they tell us we need to feel like we are content with our lives?

  14. I used to be addicted to weed, it took 4 hard weeks to get over the addictive "hump". And as far as brain density goes, i would sometimes (usually when alone) and listening to stimulating music i would find myself in a meditative state and reflect on things in my life so i could see how the brain would benefit from that.

  15. You basically said nothing the entire clip. So yes there is a correlation between low-level users and changes in the brain.

    1. What do the changes do?
    2. Are the effects positive or negative?

    Answers to basic questions like this is all this video needed to retain some value.

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