1. Repeal Laws for Whole Plant THC/CBD—Not only CBD—CBD isolates do not cure cancer–crohns etc. with out the THC—-watch you tube videos of people who cured breast cancer–crohns–cancers–etc. with Jack Herer/Rick Simpsons RSO OIL—!!!

  2. Very nice, we thank you for your studies but Israel has proved the canabinoil taking of are rapping around these cell not effecting good cells bit strictly these non organic tumors or cancers, as well as those with so many options. I wish you all happier days, smiles and pain free days ro enjoy with those we/you love. Namaste'

  3. "The government recently amended the Health (Drugs and Poisons) Regulation 1996 to allow the chief executive of Queensland Health to approve a person to administer, dispense, manufacture, obtain, possess, prescribe, supply or use cannabis for or in connection with, an approved clinical trial, or an approval under the Special Access Scheme. The cultivation, possession and distribution of cannabis or cannabis products remain a crime in Queensland."
    I think it could be the same for NSW, not sure.

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