1. Just wanna mention! That the stigma of cbd and thc preventing vomiting if false!!. Thc and cbd can sooth a upset stomach.. but literally theirs have been many times where as I was getting keyed aka super drunk and high.. I've always went completely on a OD puke survival when my body thought it was neccessary. I cant remember 1 time I never smoked white drinking.. I was initially a pothead before I became a alcoholic.. 👌 just clarifying that..

  2. Cannabis isnt gonna be the next thing in the beverage industry. Literally we put weed in our food like cookies and muffins and we all knew what happend to the guys who made those. Cannabis is only good for smoking and we should just leave it at that.

  3. Next, DMT in a drink, Joe Rogan can get in on the idea. Starbucks can get in on it too, make a drink out of espresso with a shot of Ayahuasca. Tequila companies too: tequila mescal with a dash of mescaline or fruit popsicles with a squirt of LSD or mushrooms for cooking mixed with psilocybin magick mushrooms for a psychedelic dinner or a glass of red wine with a splash of adrenochrome and a few drops of baby blood. Wait, what?

  4. I'm in trouble if belching beaver teams up with jungle boys could you imagine there pb n j or Mexican chocolate or peanut butter milk stouts it's a definite winner there mix with some donkey butter and chocolope or a chocolate diesel skeet NO FUCKRY here just craftsmanship

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