1. first off don't dare put marijuana in the same catigory as K2 I used to be addicted to this drug an OD, but never to the hospital or anything like this thank christ, I'm sorry for her but to say "my parent should have been watching me more" really if your gonna get high your gonna make sure your parents don't know don't put your actions on them, I hope she recovers but take responsibility for your action an the conquences your parent have nothing to do with it

  2. It's so sad to see how quickly her life was changed by this drug. The worst part of the drug is it's comparison to marijuana, which it couldn't be further from. Synthetics are full agonist, bind to the brain, and are not metabolized like normal herb would be. I know from first hand experience, I smoked demon spice for almost a year. In that time, it completely changed who I was, how I thought. How I looked. I'd stay up for days without eating. I look back at pictures of me and my eyes were cold and dead, I looked emaciated. I can no longer enjoy a good toke without feeling severe anxiety and hopelessness, and haven't smoked spice sine 2011. I remember not caring whether I was around or not, and it took breaking my hip to start pulling me out of the hole I was stuck in. I'm still not 100%, but getting better daily. I used to be one of the most headstrong people you'd ever met. The only positives I got out of it were ego death and understanding of others pain, but what a price to pay. Depersonalization is a scary state to be in. I feel so bad for her and its humbling to see her smile after what she's been through.

  3. Damn wen I got high I felt like evrythin was a dream kept askimg questions nd I smoked again nd it feels like the im high evry day well certain days I feel like those 2 days tht I got high its pretty scary unless yu can control it.

  4.  Wow, that's horrible… Ever since I tried salvia, (unbeknownst to me) a few years ago, there's no way I'd try that shit, I actually quit smoking cigarettes and pot a month ago… I want to give up smoking period for the rest of my life, don't really care what people have to say about it. Good or bad.

  5. What part about "NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION" dont you understand??? Every packet of synthetic marijuana says that! Its supposed to be used as an incense/fragrance. You let it sit in your room and it smells good. Its NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION!

  6. and I bet u she was the goth outcast girl with the bull piercing and u were that stuckup bitch with ur friends walking right past her until this happened…LOL typical ratchet

  7. We as the people need to rise against the government and tell them enough is enough!! By keeping natural cannabis illegal all they are doing is supporting the cartels in mexico and are the reason people are dieing from synthetic " marijuana " we need to end prohibition!!!

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