1. You say "unlike others etc LD files lawsuits" and while admittedly there are some that for some reason do not file 1983 lawsuits, he is far from the only one who files them, most of the activists actually at least file on some of the slam dunk lawsuit scenarios if not most/all. The reason why most people aren't aware of it is because of the fact they gag order/NDA the terms of out of court settlements almost always which prevents the plaintiffs from sharing the details.

  2. WE THe PEOPLE ARE going to REAM all u THUGS buttholes WE THE PEOPLE HAVE HAD ENOUGH AND WE THE PEOPLE ARE not going to take Anymore Good job!!!! I LIKE YOUR STYLE!!!

  3. What the police don't realize is, if they followed the Constitution and there was not years of police abuse on all of us citizens people would not be doing these audits.

  4. Violation of 1st amendment rights ! I smell a Lawsuiit ! Officers not properly trained. Violation of 4th amendment rights ! Lawbreaker not law enforcement . Crooked cops ! Officer safety Lots of cowards here ! Paranoia runs deep here !

  5. If you really want to know what are real rights are read Brandel concurring opinion avoidance Doctrine paragraph 6,
    Your social security number is an availed benefit, this is how the police get away with murdering citizens taking our rights away and judges siding with the police we have no real rights but the ones they allow us to have based upon paragraph 6,
    If you want more information I will be happy to explain just ask

  6. For anyone watching this video… NEVER tell someone that you are detaining them. Because "the average person" hearing someone say "you are being detained" would assume that you are a LEO.

    That is how you will catch your self an "impersonating an officer" charge REAL QUICK.

  7. Thank you ,,, I learn so friggin much from all the Activities you highlight on your page . I believe in the work that most of you do …. I'm so tired of AMERICANS getting pushed around by the so called police/ lawbreakers/governmental powers that be .every day bullies.. I'm watching an learning an taken notes . I want a uprising on the Senate demanding change in the laws .
    Hold the cop personally libel for lawsuit's
    Reform is a must ….. Refunding of $$$
    Not to go to settle suits if we didn't throw high $$ into bad departments just think of what are school department could achieve… Great work Activities may you all continue to wake up The People !!
    From a middle aged white suburban woman ✌

  8. The videos are so inspiring, remove the pain from within and restores Hope and optimism . Our grandchildren future looks brighter without tyrants harassing them daily.

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