1. im an australian and disgusted with my country and its government ! if a mother tries to buy oil to save her child from having 150 siezures a day ! and gets caught ? she will go to jail and if theres no father ,the severly sick child gets put into foster care !! it all fucking sucks !!! im so angry !!! what the aus gov do is grow it here indoors and sell it to other countries !! iv been making oil the way you demonstrate ! ever since i found out about you , i believe in what you say and your proof ! im 58 yrs old i have been smoking for 40 yrs i have had companys and have been very successful ! the reason i started smoking cannabis because i was hit by a drunk driver and he fractured my back and i didnt have feeling in my left leg ! i was 18 and on morphine injections in my back every week !! i cant remember the jewish prof or doctor of medicine or how i heard of him ? after i heard him talk about pain and cannabis ! well i never had another injection in my back ! im trying to make it short but i have never spend a night in hospital to date ! last time was 40 yrs ago !!! these days because of you i make my own oil so theres been no need to smoke it !! just a very small drop every day of gods gift to us !!!

  2. The voice of authority and belief in humanity..you were a chosen one to really let the cat out of the bag. It will never be put back in. Can’t thank you enough. Great vid

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