1. What about the decision of 'how much product do i need and how often" because without this how will you even know outdoor or indoor, if indoor how will you know how much light, and if you dont know how much light, then how do you know how much space you need to correctly grow with said light? 1 2 or 3 light rotation will determine how often you yeild..
    More people grow with soil indoors than Coco, you didnt even mention that as an option… wow

  2. I'm definitely interested in growing my cannabis with DWC I would like a tutorial on when to give the nutrients I have all the instruments to test the water and nutrients yet at the same time I'm growing some stuff outdoor too so an equal vid on both would be amazing thank you so much for all the help in your other vids!! I love your channel!!

  3. No information provided in my opinion. Also, for starters I find it better to don't even know about the existence of hydroponics/coco because it only ends in frustration.

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