1. Traditionally we use copper neti pots which look like little kettles. Tilt your head forward , to one side and then do this gently. I do this everyday, one litre for each nostril – feels amazing 👍👍

  2. Slow down on the cocaine there, lad.

    All jokes aside, doing too much cocaine got my nose so blocked up that the water wouldn't even drain out the other nostril while using one of these.
    REMEMBER KIDS, DRUGS ARE…pretty cool, but pace yourself 🙂

  3. Use warm water baby shampoo saline wash "NO TEARS"
    Saline solution: Fill a Neti pot or SQUEEZE BOTTLE with 8 ounces of warm water and a teaspoon of salt. …
    Baby shampoo: For baby shampoo irrigation, add a half teaspoon of Johnson & Johnson's Baby Shampoo to the saline solution.
    May 20, 2015

    Chron.com › health › article
    Doctors going low-tech to fight sinus infections – Houston Chronicle
    Only 3 ways u get the virus…eyes, nose, & mouth.
    "These are the only 3 entry points"
    Squeeze bottle or netti pot with baby shampoo
    & warm water saline for prevention.
    It takes few days for virus to multiply and symptoms show up later, The warm,soapy, saline rinse surely covers all bases. Soap breaks down the virus outer shell making it useless, just like washing ur hands.
    What soap and warm water do
    Under the microscope, Coronaviruses appear to be covered with pointy spires, giving them the appearance of having a crown or "corona" — hence the name. Beneath the crown is the outer layer of the virus, which is made up of lipids, or what you and I would call fat.
    Now imagine that coronavirus is your butter dish, covered with buttery fat.
    "You try to wash your butter dish with water alone, but that butter is not coming off the dish," Williams explained. "You need some soap to dissolve grease. So soap or alcohol are very, very effective against dissolving that greasy liquid coating of the virus."
    What does getting rid of that outer layer do to the germ??
    "It physically inactivates the virus, so it can't bind to and enter human cells anymore.
    The doctors say adding shampoo has proved more effective than warm water and salt alone.
    "The thinking is, you don't wash your hands with just water if you want to remove bacteria; you use soap, too," said Dr. Mas Takashima, director of the Sinus Center at Baylor. "The same concept applies for sinuses."
    Wild as it may sound, research data supports the therapy's effectiveness. In 2013, University of Pennsylvania researchers reported in the American Journal of Rhinology & Allergy that 60 percent of study participants improved significantly after irrigating their sinuses twice a day for four weeks with water, salt and baby shampoo. The study involved 18 patients with chronic recurrent sinusitis who'd had an average of 2.8 surgeries.
    The shampoo works by breaking down an oily layer, known as a biofilm, that bacteria form to protect themselves from the immune system and antibiotics. Such biofilms, only identifiable by high-tech microscopes, have become an increasingly popular subject of medical research in recent years.
    Baby shampoo is not the only low-tech sinus therapeutic that Baylor is working with. Takashima, who emphasizes the need to "think outside the box" with patients whose sinus problems have not responded to standard treatment, recently launched a first-of-its-kind clinical trial studying the inclusion of probiotics in nasal irrigation.
    This dates back to 2013 … guess no one had the need for it then…. All of us do now!
    I've found a way to kill the virus on contact through sinus wash and baby shampoo. This is from old doctors posts off the internet.
    It works great, though U STILL NEED A MASK to catch airborne droplets, inhaled directly to the lungs. Shampooed sinuses covers the touching of ur face and eyes by contamination and I suspect it may be residual too.
    For a month now, it's like brushing my teeth, I do this 2 times a day and more if I go out, not giving the virus chance to multiply.
    Stay Safe… I hoped I've given U some useful information.

    This video supports what I talked about on previous comment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0WKMRbB13Ks&feature=share

  4. We do it for free in yog it's called (jal neti yoga) search it on YouTube you can try it for free I Guess. I have Sinus problem so I do Jal Neti Yoga on weekly basis. It's a livesaver

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  6. I feel so bad I feel that the mucus are not letting me breath my doctor recommended me this so thanks for this video I hope I feel bater because I’m starting to have nightmares that I can breath

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