1. I had a suggestion for a topic or throw it in with some others. I understand it’s mainly genetics. But…….. is there a way to avoid the little leaves and they are usually sugar leaves but the smaller leaves in the buds that makes it so durn hard to trim. I know I am being a big baby… sorry but!!! It’s heck trimming some of them and if you don’t know how to follow the trail of leaves in a candy Cain pattern around the bud you won’t get the bulk out. I have learned but if there was an easer way? It
    Would be much appreciated!

    And next how to get Mexican jumping beans and these beans mixed together. They jump in soil and move around to burry itself and then it tops and lolly pops it’s self and even puts up a trellis net!!! And then at the end all the leaves falls off by it self! And then water turns off and it dries in the bucket and the buds fall off at a particular humidity? I will pick them up and bag them I guess……. if you could maybe invent that? Or tell me how to do it if you already know.

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