1. medical here is $`15 a gram + taxes and markup They try to screw you bad here just to be a cultivator here in the south USA $15,000 Just for the application 100,000 after approved and a 500,000 Performance bond this is not including space for a warehouse and lights and equipment and water and Electronic tagging system they screw you I am in Arkansas So thee you go a bible thumping
    way of thinking sad but at least we got it for medical here. A unfair Justice system that allows the west cost to grow up to 12 plants in California Seattle and Origin and they allow going in Arizonia
    Denver and other places but restrict us and call it Equal Justice under the laws its BS If you allow some to grow you should allow ALL to grow for there own personal use in my opinion. if we are all Equal under the law then stop kicking in doors and allow all to grow who is over 21 year old and not reselling it I guess only some have constitutional rights and some of us don't This is the law in America #Legalize #Marijuwana #Cannabis

  2. 1$ a gram? You bust your ass and grow a quality clean product and sell at that price… I'll wait. Only way you will ever see that is with Walmart pre rolls and then you can get your wish

  3. They have to charge $7/g to deter abuse. They don't want you to go nuts with it, it's a deadly narcotic, just ask the UN, it's the same as heroin just causes less constipation.

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