1. Kamala you need to get on your game 😳. As much as they attacked Trump in this debacle… because let’s just say what it is… you should have ABSOLUTELY crushed this debate. 🙅‍♂️ You got destroyed.

    Your emotions got the best of you in that debate and the best thing you can do is stay emotionally strong during a time like this to show your true strength 💪.

    However, If you can’t stay emotionally strong in a debate then how do you propose handling bigger problems as they arise in the future❓
    Mental stability and staying emotionally strong is what is going to allow you to make the appropriate decisions going forward 💯

    You were mediocre at best in your performance. If I were running 🏃‍♂️ for President you would be the last person on Earth 🌍 I would have represent me. Horrible performance. 👎🤮

  2. I don’t like Kamala its like Hillary Clinton , they both lie with a straight face . A women that is willing to work with a child sniffer ……….. I don’t trust her at all , and like she said Biden and her have the same values . Come oooooon 🤬

  3. I'm a Democrat, but Biden thinks he's running for the Senate. Are we ok with that? Do we vote so blindly on party lines that we'll vote in an invalid? Where is he going to be 3 years from now? This is irresponsible. Sad times….

  4. I don't usually like to spoil things for people…actually yes I do
    They both win and you all (the people in this country) are the ones who lost.
    Every 4 years this BS reality show called the presidential election goes on. People get all emotionally invested. He won no she won.
    News flash…..neither one of their lives will change if they don't get in the whitehouse. Your life will change though. It will not only not get better, but continue to get worse as they serve their masters. In case you're wondering, that aint you. All but 2 states are winner take all electoral votes. So every jurisdiction in all states voted in favor of one of the two factions of the same clan. A clan that has ruled the United States for more than 165 years.

  5. Why is numbers higher in America? Easy for 1 corona is total bs, 2 the powers that be want to bring down the only place that has just a little freedom left, they are both working for same people, don't wear mask when you don't have to

  6. Fake numbers, everyone getting sick and or dying is listed as COVID its just a cash grab and a way of saying in future "look what happened" pfft lies.
    Die in a DWI car crash.
    Why cut off pence when he hits with facts.
    Farmer are losing jobs cause they think can get rich by switching crops to marijuana.

  7. This is a biased debate all in Kamalas favour. She gets 4 minutes and Pence only gets 2 . Why would anyone vote Dems when they destroyed America. Whats going to be different this time round. Trump 2020 end of story guys.

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