1. Question: With the lag of rollout here in Missouri, they're allowing some patients to go to Illinois to purchase medical marijuana yet legally can't bring it back home. So my question is, what's the fucking point of driving 2+ hrs to a state to buy legal medicine if I have to completely consume it in that state? It's fucking pointless. Just a cash grab.

  2. Missouri is a fucker of a state. I voted to legalize medical marijuana for many reasons. Mainly I have taken every pharmaceutical "drug" created since 1996 in attemp to help a diagnosis of a "emotional disturbance". Those "drugs" have altered my dopamine levels where laughing at a comedian was altered to wondering what a authentic laugh would feel like. A year later recreational marijuana was taken away from a vote because 150,000 signatures where not capable due to a fake pandemic. A year later after a vote and still their is not a single medical marijuana facility open. For perspective it takes 3 months at most to grow marijuana. I'm still buying bunk weed off streets, getting screwed with that fake CBD bud, and shorted on medication when the legalize states weed come in. A real shame there are people like me and others with other issues begging for help medically because big pharm either hurt them more or just don't help in general. Do your job Governor Parson.

  3. I don’t want to waste time with medical Marijuana, I want recreational Marijuana. They track you if you get a medical Marijuana card so recreational marijuana would be better and easier.

  4. Well, for one. The medical patients would bypass the long lines of recreational users. Dispensaries will make sure medical marijuana shelves are not pulled to give to the recreational side.

  5. No medical dispensaries become Recreational dispensaries. And frankly it should be as legal as Tomatoes or any other vegetable that want to grow in the garden. We have to stop this bullshit Puritan idea of drugs in this country. Prohibition has never worked, it didn't work when God said Thou shalt not and it's still does not work today when man says Thou shalt not.

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