1. @CBS 💥@Tom Wolf, @Gretchen Whitmer
    Voter fraud = jail.
    Watch for voter fraud, record it when you see it, report it and expose it.
    Busted for voter fraud last 4 months:

    Military mail in ballots found in trash.

    2 weeks ago ballot harvesting busted https://youtu.be/ZWK56l2VaLY

    4 months ago: mail in voter fraud NJ. A former judge of, elections pleads guilty https://youtu.be/vtEnLhpoYG8

    4 people charged with mail in voter fraud stuffing ballots

    Mail man pleads guilty, voter fraud exposed

    Democrat charged in voter fraud https://youtu.be/uUwikbIaEMg

    134 felony charges of voter fraud. https://youtu.be/tdjqieGJvPI

    Watch for:
    Bloated voter rolls
    Ballot Harvesting
    Voting by non citizens, dead or pets.


  2. It's a cash crop idiots. What they are waiting on. And I don't smoke anything. But any blind person can see it. If CA is already making 10 billion on what's the problem … Just idiots

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