1. Hey Matt, great channel with awesome quality film production! I have watched a lot of your video and I had a question about ph levels for coco/dry amendment (not mixed with living soil). I noticed in this video (before and after adding the living soil) and many others vids you use a 6.0-6.5ph however in others with still with no living soil you say 6.5-6.8 (for example in your auto bluedream vid), also I could have sworn you have also said 6.2-6.8 somewhere as well. Is there a reason you have changed it, and what range do you currently recommend? You are the man! Thanks!

  2. Bro your videos are really dope, very detailed. You inspire me, you should make a video explaining the nutrients you use and what they're for, soil and etc for all those new growers like myself.

  3. I love 💕 your videos , I just started watching about a week ago . I am going to go back through and like and comment on all of them that I have watched so far .
    Can I ask why no one has made a video of a grow with using like regular Miracle-Gro or something like that ? I mean can you not grow weed in regular top soil with out all the fuss ? Just asking 😁

  4. Hey Mr. Canucks! I have been watching your videos for months and it has inspired me to start my first grow. I currently am reviewing this video and realize I top dressed at 3tbspn per gal with the same nutrients you use on my plants first week of flower. Would this mean to simply top dress less next feed? or can this lead to problems? thank you for your time!

  5. El video esta genial, ahora la cosecha… es penosa. Con la cantidad de dinero que habrá invertido no te pueden salir plantas así de raquíticas. No se que potencia lumínica utilizó pero se quedó corto o las utilizó a demasiada distancia.

  6. Most of them colours come from deficiency. Yellow leafs is normally over watering and if its not a purple strain or states the colour change the hue when flowering is lack nutrient. Not saying negative things about this just giving advice on plants that turn that colour that don't have that colour genetics. 😉

  7. I wanna see a harvest with seeds from top tier breeders 🔥 grandi flora, in-house genetics, lit farms, pheno addicts genetics. I’m doing a run with the platinum GMO from in-house genetics. Treestarseedbank got the goods 👍

  8. I plant my seeds like you with a dome but I think I planted a little deeper than a half inch probably 1 inch and 1/4 is this to deep it’s been four days and no sprout just curious

  9. Another great one yet again Matt. To be honest these videos get a little samey now, yet I still thoroughly enjoy watching them.

    Finally getting hold of good organic amendments in the UK still no Gaia green though lol!!!

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