1. nice to see another upload from yuo
    Could you maybe next time give a lil more info about your ec during veg and flower periods? and how mutch you ad of what?
    also do you start with RO water or plain tap water with the remo nutrients.

    GRtz and peace !

  2. As soon as I can afford it I'll be getting me one of your tents that's for sure but for now I just got a b***** one just enough to do a little bit of personal medicine so for now I'm just here shown some support and Love for the channel all the ladies right down to the Babys all look happy healthy and Beautiful nice job L-J and hopefully as far as your product line it would be nice to see that pick up because I'd like to get the exact same size of the one that you are using in this video that you got the flowering ladies in. But for now as always keep it growing and God Bless 🙏 My Friend 😇

  3. Need to chill a bit on the virus, it's mainly fear mongering in the media. CDC and WHO have protocols for pandemics and epidemics and none are triggered, all international travel is still open so how serious can it really be?

  4. I have a few questions about your cmh..

    1.) If the grow room is 70 degrees, with no exhausting how much is it going to raise ambient temp ?

    2.) Coverage ? Light penetration ? Height ?

    3.) Cost to run compared to a comparable LED.

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