1. G' day mate, thanks for all the tips,love it.
    I'm learning heaps,anyway this time I let it veg for 5weeks as I have the room & height & wow biggest i have seen,but its in week 10 of flower & looks at least 2 more weeks,is that normal?

  2. hows it going Jorge.. first let me say thanks for all the tips .. you have educated me alot.. full details in your videos. . right now Im researching for a led light.. the mars lights sound great low heat.. etc. however I would like your input please. . Im jst going to grow 4 plants. . indoor.. would the mars 2 700 be okay for this.. honestly that os the only price range I have for a light..

  3. THanks again for the information Jorge. You and Remo urban grower are the best out there…
    Keep up the great vidoes for us new comers LOL
    Have a great day from Huntington Beach California.
    John D. Vidal

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