1. EPISODE 3 of 4! This episode covers the flowering stage and the final episode will cover harvest/dry/trim/cure. Cheers!

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  2. Funny enough one of the most common stresses that causes female plants to hermaphrodite is over-watering. So by you spraying more water unto your hermaphrodite plant might cause even more herm sacks to appear.
    – Great episode, i like your content.

  3. Hi chris , do you start your day 1 on the day you change the photoperiod ? Or when pre flower is over and you can see pistils formed . I notice everybody is 3 weeks ahead of me .

  4. Is it necessary to use a grow lights with autoflowering plants? Got an auto flowering seed but don't know if I should plant it being since were coming in to autum.

  5. Thanks for the video awesome setup. This is my first attempt at growing bud I have 3 plants currently in flower stage week 5. Just wondering how high should my light be it's a mars hydro 1000 watt. My hf and I are arguing over this she keeps turning it down to 50 percent where I turn it up to 75, 80 she is scare the leafs are burning bc they are changing color to a little yellow. Any help would be GREAT THANK YOU

  6. As a You Tuber who does tutorials, I love the way you have set up this series. Very comprehensive and to the point. My son advised me to not make my tutorials too long and get to the point. You have accomplished this in this series.

  7. You have a different led light linked in the first two videos. Did you always use this lamp or did you swap for the flowering phase? If you did, did you need to, or was it just because they gave it to you? The kit I bought comes with only one lamp so I'm considering ordering the second to be of this type since it seems more efficient. Would it be ok for me to have one of each?

  8. If I use a CO2 bag and have nice circulation inside my tent do i need to have the vent screens uncovered for air intake or would covering them be ok? I have a 6in exhaust.

  9. I thought you would need a taller tent to grow the sativa dominant strains. Was it the training and switching to flower early that allowed you to do this with a 60 inch roof?

  10. Mr. Grow it, Would you be willing to tell me, if it is necessary to provide CO2 when providing fresh air from outside? By the way, I'm not using a tent, it is a grow room and plan on using the Optic 600 gen. 4

  11. Hey buddy. I was curious on how the growers choice 680 light was doing. Didnt find any extra on your grow with it. Could u point me to a video that I missed or give me a update thanks

  12. DUDE! I bought one of these VIVOSUN lights when I researched Samsung's Horticultural Diodes! Had to raise this light as high as I could in this 4 foot high grow tent. It was burning my ladies! All good though, I don't think there is a grow light out there like this one, WORKS GREAT! SUN LIKE!

  13. Hey mr. Grow it! Quick question, I've got some photoperiod plants that have gone into flower cycle, 12/12. About a week into flower cycle and still no signs of pistils (they were feminized seeds). My indoor grow room is completely dark and no light comes in when the lights go off.. this is my first time with photoperiod plants.. my question is: how long until my plants start showing their pistils? Is it normal that it would take this long? Also before turning the light cycle to 12/12 I gave my plants 24hs or darkness to sort of push them faster into flower.

    Thanks in advance and I look forward to more of your great content!

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