1. @masterbanks09
    I will say that out of the few harvest's I have had, it sure was the nicest to smoke on… But I have had better results with botanicare's line of products. And the price is nice too!

  2. Grown with biocanna? Nice.. but organic based not 100% organic..im not slammin organics or bio canna i use em.. But real Organics dosnt come in liquid concentrates… Dig a hole chuck in some horse shit and a couple sea bass… Thats organic…

  3. I am not sure what everyone is confused about, or how many times I must repeat myself… Jack Herer and Jock Horror are the same strain produced by 2 different but well respected seed banks. Anyone who is ignorant enough to complain about the name of this strain without taking the time to research it a little more should obviously crash into and Aids tree.

  4. @PlebScrubber
    Completely true, just made by 2 different seed banks.
    Nirvana named this one Jock Horror since Sensi Seeds
    already had Jack Herer… I have smoked both and they are
    simply an amazing strain.

  5. @ch0l0sk8r
    Yeah I mean if the DEA decided to take down every grower on youtube I guess I would probably get pinched,
    but you have to understand where I am from I don't grow enough to be worth there time… It does suck that such a victimless crime should even be labled a crime at all…

  6. @adl19191 at first i thought it was a different strain using jack herer as one of the parents.

    but its just jack herer…
    Jock Horror/jack herer is a three-way marijuana hybrid of Northern Light, Skunk and Haze.

  7. @Cannbis420Lifestyle its organic fertilizer, the ingredients are extracted from plants and minerals found in nature, then purified and concentrated…

    if you want to go pure natural, just drop a seed in the dirt and let it fend for itself and harvest tiny little buds if they even sprout… remember, no one likes hippies

  8. Ive notice when I put the light away from the plants, how u have it, the plants get long and stringy, becuz they are stretching out trying to get the light, if u put it lower,they get all fucking fat, big stem etc,

  9. much better then the hydro! looking very healthy, btw get that stupid black poster out of the room hang it some where else it decreases the light (not by much, but still xD) ever tried BioBizz?

  10. @Manuelc33 organic gardening is things from the earth and sea, bat and seabird guano or maybe fish emulsion and sea kelp, earthworm castings and compost teas…. do i make myself clear enough? and dont forget molasses!

  11. -move the lights closer when the plants are that small, move them up to the height they're at now in like 2 weeks
    – lightproof (maybe even soundproof if you can) the door with something reflective on the inside.
    other than that, they're looking pretty good for two weeks, keep growing man

  12. you have a fan to circulate the c02 and the air. also u can use a fan if ur growing in small quarters like a closet. and height is all dependent on the strain and how long it grows. personally out doors the tallest plant i had was 7 1/2 feet in a 6 month grow but thts just cuz it was indica. if u have a sativa on a 6 month grow, they can grow up to 3 inches a day during the vegitative cycle

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