1. That harvest was amazing! All those peppers! And the cucamelons…. I have never seen them before. Interesting!
    We didn’t get frost at the end of September, and nothing yet, thanks goodness.
    Thanks for showing us the gardens, I AlWAYS enjoy those videos!

  2. Always a sad a time of the year to have to close up the garden. We got the same warning but nothing happened. I hope that your frost never came also. It was 71 degrees today. Wow that a change from last week. I enjoyed your gardening videos 🙂

  3. Great looking garden and some nice looking veggies! Interesting cuke melons! Do the taste like cucumber? In the 20 yrs of gardening in this area, I have not seen a hard frost this early. Ended up having 3 nights of it! Tried to cover what I could but even some of that got damaged at the top. Many of the unripe tomatoes sustained damage at the stem and have had to throw away because it started rotting there. Have a video coming of harvest and the aftermath. Luckily I still have all my pepper plants and hoping for the green ones to turn colour. TC& happy gardening!

  4. Good Morning ..You are right this Year is a Strange yr for all.. At least you got some out of this yrs Harvest.. Next yr will be better ..Now We all need to get through the Winter..Thank you for bringing us along on your garden adventure ..Enjoyed them

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